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Visual Histories of the Classical World: Essays in Honour of R.R.R. Smith

Edited by Catherine M. Draycott, Rubina Raja, Katherine Welch, and William T. Wootton.

Visual Histories of the Classical World Essays in Honour of R.R.R. Smith (in the book series Studies in Classical Archaeology) brings together a wide range of scholars, colleagues of R. R. R. Smith, celebrating his 65th birthday with papers on subjects within Classical art and archaeology a discipline upon which he has had a profound influence.

Professor R.R.R. Smith is one of the foremost scholars in the study of Classical art, or more broadly, ‘visual culture’, pioneering research that examines not only the details of images and objects themselves, but also their contexts and underlying conceptual frameworks. Key to his approach is a focus on social identity: by exploring the people who commissioned, produced, and consumed ancient art, he has offered important insights into what this can tell us about how people lived, and how they perceived themselves and were seen by others.

This volume, produced on the occasion of R.R.R. Smith’s 65th birthday, draws together essays from a distinguished group of researchers who have been inspired by Smith’s work and its value for reconstructing ancient social and cultural history. The papers gathered here consider various aspects of art and architecture in the classical world, engaging directly with R.R.R. Smith’s own research, and at the same time celebrating his enormous contribution to scholarship.

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