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Women of the Past: Testimonies from Archaeology and History

New book series founded by Associate Professor Nina Javette Koefoed and Professor Rubina Raja.

Charles Christensen’s drawing of the Beauty of Palmyra (Berlingske Tidende, 22 December 1929).

A new book series about female history narrated through archaeological and historical sources has been founded: Women of the Past: Testimonies from Archaeology and History.

Women of the Past explores the role played by women throughout history. A role that has always been in flux, changing over centuries, between cultures, and in response to diverse social and economic parameters.

The aim of Women of the Past is to give a focussed place for publications of research that takes female history as a point of departure. With a focus on how women of the past lived and died, loved and reproduced, worked, studied, worship, and were represented and perceived, the series will investigate the evidence drawn from different fields of research.

Women of the Past will be published by Brepols Publishers (Turnhout), and the first three volumes are already well underway, including an agenda volume edited by Nina Javette Koefoed and Rubina Raja, who are the founding editors. The series invites publications – both monographs and thematically coherent essay collections – that focus on literary and material evidence pertaining to women of prehistoric times onward with a geographical global scope. The series seeks to establish dialogues between fields as history, archaeology, gender studies, historiography, art history and history of literature to create a truly interdisciplinary and cross-chronological framework.


Nina Javette Kofoed

Nina Javette Kofoed is Associate Professor in History at Aarhus University and is member of the steering committee at the LUMEN Centre for the Study of Lutheran Theology and Confessional Societies. Her research interests include social identity and socio-emotional obligations within the household especially in early modern Denmark. She has previously worked with gender and morality in Denmark in the eighteen and nineteen centuries.

Rubina Raja

Rubina Raja is Professor in Classical Archaeology at Aarhus University and is the Centre Director of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet). Her research interests include family constellations and the role of women and children in the ancient city of Palmyra (in modern-day Syria).


Advisory Board

Nathanael Andrade (Binghamton College)

Katie Barclay (University of Adelaide)

Anne Montenach (Université d'Aix-Marseille)

Alexandra Sanmark (University of Highlands and Islands)