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PhD dissertations

Baužytė, E. (2019). Making and trading iron in the Swahili world: An archaeometallurgical study of iron production technologies, their role, and exchange networks in 500-1500 CE coastal Tanzania (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Dahlström, H. (2019). Towards the making of a town: People, practices and interaction in Early Medieval Copenhagen (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Daugbjerg, T. S. (2021). Radiocarbon Dating of Lime Mortar, unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University.

Gundersen, O. E. (2020). Commercialisation and urbanisation on the periphery of medieval Europe c. 986–1448: A comparative analysis of Denmark and Norway (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Haase, K. (2019). An Urban Way of Life: Social Practices, networks and identities in Odense, 1000-1500 AD (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Hammers, N. (2019). Trade, Import and Urban Development: An Archaeobotanical and Isotopic Approach to the Study of Towns in Denmark, c. 1050–1750 CE (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Hrnjić, M. (2022). Relinking networks of silver: the archaeometry of Viking Age ring ingots and early medieval Islamic coinage, unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University.

Larsen, J. S. (2021). The Ghosts of Archaeologies Past: Innovations, Developments, and Movements of Excavation Practices in Danish Towns, unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University.

Peterson, A. (2019). Ceramics in Context: The History and Pottery of a Middle Islamic Settlement in the Northwest Quarter of Jerash (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Sauer, N. (2021). An Archaeological Approach to Archaic Rome (6th–Early 5th Century BC): A Case Study of an Archaic Site in the Caesar’s Forum Area, unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University.

Steding, J. (2020). Carvers & Customers: The Production Economy of Limestone Loculus Reliefs in Roman Palmyra, 1st to 3rd Century AD (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Thomsen, K. D. (2019). Urban Life in Jerash, Jordan: The technological and Stylistic Development of Mortar, Plaster and Wall Paintings from Roman Times to the Middle Islamic Period from an Archaeological and Geoarchaeological Perspective (unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University).

Trant, P. L. K. (2021). Indoor use of a Viking Age house: Combining Geochemistry and Multi-Spectral Methods in Ribe, Denmark, unpublished PhD dissertation, Aarhus University.