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Rome Studies (RS)

Rome, long known as the Eternal City, has proved a perpetual source of fascination for historians, archaeologists, literary scholars, and art historians. From prehistoric activity in the area that was to become an urban centre, through the heyday of the Roman Empire, and after, via the Renaissance and up to the modern day, the importance of Rome as both place and ideological concept has endured. This unique interdisciplinary series encourages a focus on all aspects of Rome and the Roman world from the paleolithic up to the modern era, with the aim of drawing together different research fields and traditions in one place for the first time. Promoting cutting-edge and innovative new research in disciplines including archaeology, history, philology, historiography, theology, and church history, the series welcomes proposals for both monographs and edited collections that can contribute to a wider understanding of both Rome and its legacy over time.  

Editors: Trine A. Hass (Aarhus University) and Rubina Raja (Aarhus University)

Publisher: Brepols Publishers

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