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How to find us

Aarhus city --> UrbNet

UrbNet is located at Moesgaard Manor in Højbjerg, approximately 10 km south of Aarhus city centre. 


From downtown Aarhus, you can take Bus 18 or Bus 100

  • Bus 18 (see timetable) is a yellow city bus, which leaves from Park Allé (see map) three times an hour (direction: Moesgård). Note that you have to purchase your ticket BEFORE you get on the bus - either through the Midttrafik app or through their webshop (Link to app and webshop). Small Danish notes can sometimes be exchanged into coins by the driver. Get off at the bus stop "Moesgård Museum" (end station) - the ride takes approximately 25 min. From there, it is only a 300 m walk to UrbNet (see map).
  • Bus 100 (see timetable) is a blue regional bus, which leaves from Aarhus Central Station ("Banegårdspladsen", see map) every 15 minutes (direction: Odder). Enter the bus through the front door and purchase your ticket from the bus driver. Get off at the bus stop "Oddervej/Moesgård Allé) - the ride takes approximately 15 min. From there, it is a 1 km walk to UrbNet (see map).

Once you get a CPR no., you can apply to get a "Rejsekort", which can be used for all public transportation. Read more and apply: https://www.rejsekort.dk/


In general, taxis in Denmark are quite expensive. All taxis in Aarhus are metered and accept major credit cards. Taxis can be hailed on the street (there are always some waiting at the railway station) or (pre-)ordered by phone:

  • DanTaxi: +45 70 25 25 25
  • Aarhus Taxa:+45 89 48 48 48

Taxis operate with a starting fee of approximately 40 DKK, depending on the time of day. All taxes and tips are included in the price. A taxi ride from downtown Aarhus to Moesgaard costs 200-250 DKK.

Reaching Aarhus by plane

Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup (AAR)

Aarhus Airport is located 40 km north of Aarhus and offers flights to Copenhagen (flying time: 35 min), London, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as a handful of destinations in Southern Europe. 

An airport bus service operates between the airport and Aarhus Central Station ("Banegårdspladsen", see map). A single fare is 115 DKK, and the bus accepts Dankort, Visa, Mastercard and JCB. The bus ride takes approximately 55 min (see timetable). The bus also stops at the Nobel Park ("Nobelparken") at the university (see map).

Note that it might be cheaper and more convenient to fly to Copenhagen or Billund and catch a train/bus to Aarhus.

Billund Airport Airport (BLL)

Billund Airport is located 100 km south of Aarhus and operates several domestic and international flights every day.

An airport bus service (Bus 912X) operates between the airport and Aarhus Central Station ("Banegårdspladsen", see map). A single fare is 162 DKK, and the bus accepts major credit cards. The bus ride takes approximately 1 h 45 min (see timetable). 

Copenhagen Airport/Kastrup (CPH)

Copenhagen Airport is the main international airport in Denmark, located approximately 10 km from Copenhagen city centre. It is the largest airport in the Nordic countries and is known as the gateway to Northern Europe. 

Copenhagen Airport is a 3 h 30 min train ride from Aarhus. A single fare (economy) is 418 DKK, incl. a seat reservation (for the sake of convenience, we recommend that you reserve a seat along with your ticket).

The railway is operated by DSB, but you can also purchase a ticket using Rejseplanen.

  • In the FROM field, "Kastrup Lufthavn, Udenrigs"
  • In the TO field, write "Aarhus H"

Both DSB and Rejseplanen are available as apps for smartphones and tablets.

Reaching Aarhus by train

There are several daily connections to Aarhus from key European cities. From Southern and Central Europe, connections go via Hamburg/Flensburg; from Eastern Europe and CIS countries, connections go via Poland and Copenhagen; and from Scandinavian countries, connections go via Copenhagen (alternatively, you can take the ferry to Hirtshals, Frederikshavn or Grenå and then catch a train to Aarhus).

Plan your journey, using Deutsche Bahn's website

Reaching Aarhus by car

Aarhus/Jutland is connected to Europe via the E45. From Southern and Central Europe, the route goes via Hamburg. After passing through Skanderborg, stay on the E45 for approximately 10 km and then follow the 501 which will lead you to both the outer and inner ring road.

If you are travelling to Aarhus from other Scandinavian countries, you can take a ferry to Northern Jutland (Frederikshavn or Hirtshals) or Grenå:

  • Frederikshavn: this route is operated by Stena Line and leaves from Oslo or Göteborg. From Frederikshavn, it is a 2-hour drive to Aarhus (see map)
  • Hirtshals: this route is operated by Color Line and leaves from Larvik or Kristiansand. From Hirtshals, it is a 2-hour drive to Aarhus (see map)
  • Grenå: this route is operated by Stena Line and leves from Varberg, Sweden. From Grenå, it is a 1-hour drive to Aarhus (see map)