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As an AU employee, you can either book flights through AU's travel agent Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) or directly with an airline company. You may not book via a search engine, such as Momondo.

To access CWT's online booking system, you need to have a travel profile. Christina Levisen can help you fill out the application form found here https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/finance/expense-and-travel-reimbursement/rejsud/request-for-rejsud-and-cwt-user-profile/.

AU Quick guide to CWT's travel portal

Please make sure your profile is complete and updated in the system.

If you require assistance from a travel consultant, call: +45 3363 7744 or send them an email: au.dk@contactcwt.com. Note that a fee of 2,99% applies if you involve a travel consultant. An additional fee of 200 DKK applies for calling outside business hours.

List of fees

Business hours

Monday-Thursday 8:30-16:30
Friday 8:30-16:00

CWT technical support

Phone: +45 7020 1987 

Your CWT profile is linked to your profile in AU's reimbursement system RejsUd (see also further information below). Expenses will therefore automatically appear in the system, after which you need to settle your account.



Domestic train tickets can be booked through DSB or Rejseplanen.dk (the latter has an English site). Online booking requires you to pay with a credit card, and you can then print out your electronic ticket immediately.

If you need help, call a DSB travel consultant at +45 7013 1415. Note that a physical ticket takes a few days to arrive.


International train tickets can be booked through Deutsche Bahn.

If you need help, call a DSB travel consultant at +45 7013 1418.


Hotels in Denmark

Hotel bookings in Denmark must comply with the AU hotel agreements.


The general rule is that you must book standard rooms. The maximum amount allowed per night is 1020 DKK.

Hotels abroad

You can book hotels either directly through the hotel you wish to stay at or through CWT (note that CWT charges a fee for this service). 

Maximum hotel allowances apply in some countries (ask Christina Levisen if in doubt). If you are going to a country with no maximum allowance, please book something at a reasonable price.


RejsUd is the travel and expense system used by AU. As an employee at UrbNet, you will need to handle your regular expenses, travel expenses, reimbursements and other in this system.

To use RejsUd you need a user profile. If you do not already have a user profile, you can create one here.

For more information, guidelines and a link to RejsUd, click here.