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International staff and students

International Academic Staff Services (IAS)

When taking up appointment at Aarhus University as a foreign researcher or PhD student, there are numerous practicalities to sort out.

The International Academic Staff Services (IAS) has compiled a wealth of information about relocating, getting registered with the Danish Authorities etc. to make your transition as smooth as possible.

The IAS comprises the following units:

  • International Student and Staff Services
  • Guest Researcher Support
  • Relocation Service
  • University International Club (UIC)

Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 8715 0220
Email: ias@au.dk

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00-15:00
Friday 9:00-14:00

Relocation Service

The Relocation Service offers personalised assistance to international researchers relocating to Denmark for a position at AU as assistant professor or above.

For more information, please contact the Relocation Officers at relocation@au.dk.

AU International Housing Office

Photo: Jesper Rais/AU-Foto

The AU International Centre has a housing portal which is a great first stop for prospective staff and students looking for a place to stay. On the main page, select your location ("Aarhus") and indicate which type of applicant you are (eg. "PhD" or "international staff"), and you will be provided with a list of possibilities.

You can also contact the AU Housing Office if you want to apply for housing or have questions: 

AU Housing Office
Dale T. Mortensen Building
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4
8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours: weekdays 10:00-14:00

Danish courses

Speaking Danish is a great way to impress the Danes. It is also an opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of Danish culture and 'the Danish way of thinking'.

Aarhus University offers Danish courses to international employees.

Read more about Danish courses


NemID is your digital signature, which is required to access public websites, online banking etc. It consists of the following three elements:

  1. your user ID (typically your CPR no.)
  2. a password
  3. a one-time password from a code card 

Read more and order NemID

Bank account

Once you receive your CPR no. (civil registration no.), you will be able to open a Danish bank account. It is a good idea to bring a copy of your contract/admission letter when going to the bank for the first time. 

Aarhus houses a number of banks, most of which offer some services in English.

List of banks

Regular banking hours

Weekdays 9:30–16:00
Thursdays 9:30–18:00
Weekends closed


NemKonto (Easy Account) is an account into which you will receive all payments from the public sector, incl. your salary. If you only have one account, that will be your NemKonto; if you have more than one account, you assign one of them as your NemKonto.


E-boks is your personal, electronic mailbox, in which you will receive correspondence from public authorities, your insurance company, your bank etc.

You need NemID to log in.

Read more and log in

Public holidays

Nytårsdag (New Year's Day) 1 January 
Skærtorsdag (Maundy Thursday)
Langfredag (Good Friday)
Påskesøndag (Easter Sunday)
2. Påskedag (Easter Monday)

Thursday before Easter Sunday
Friday before Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Monday after Easter Sunday

Store Bededag (General Prayer Day) Fourth Friday after Easter
Kristi Himmelfartsdag (Ascension Day) 1½ week before Pentecost 
Pinsedag (Whitsunday)
2. Pinsedag (Whitmonday)
Monday after Pentecost
Grundlovsdag (Constitution Day) 5 June 
Juleaftensdag (Christmas Eve)
1. Juledag (Christmas Day)
2. Juledag (Boxing Day)
24 December 
25 December
26 December

International communities

University International Club

University International Club (UIC) is an AU-based network for international (and Danish) staff and their families.

UIC organises weekly seminars on social, cultural and HR-related topics (see programme) and also offers International PlayGroup, Dinner Club and language/culture training.

University International Club website

International Community

International Community (IC) offers support to international employees and their families during their stay in the Aarhus region. IC creates social and professional networks to the benefit of expats through a wide range of events, seminars and online activities (see programme).

IC counts more than 3,100 people, incl. companies, international employees, accompanying family and internationally-minded Danes.

International Community website