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How did Roman transport networks structure trade? This figure shows geographical (a) and topological (b) layouts of an abstracted Roman transport network (network data © Orbis). Node size and colour represent increasing physical distance over the network away from Rome. Note the fall-off of the results with distance away from Rome structured by the transport routes rather than as-the-crow-flies distance. Edge colours represent edge type: red = sea, green = river, grey = road. Background © Openstreetmap.
How plausible are theories of ancient visual signalling systems? This figure shows medieval forts and watch-towers located on hill-tops in the central Himalayas, connected if they one can be seen from the other up 15km (a) and up to 25km (b). Node colours represent communities identified through network methods, which we hypothesise to reflect chiefdoms or administrative divisions (collaboration with Dr Nagendra Singh Rawat and Prof. Vinod Nautiyal).

2020.02.06 | History and archaeology

UrbNet welcomes first associate professor, 1 Feb 2020

Introduction of Tom Brughmans.

2020.02.05 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Palmyra, ørkenens perle – én by, tusindvis af skæbner

Teaser of lecture by Professor and Centre Director Rubina Raja at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Jesper Vestergaard Jensen.

2020.02.04 | History and archaeology, Research

New PhD student at Humboldt University

Former research assistant within the Palmyra Portrait Project, Jesper Vestergaard Jensen, has accepted a PhD position at Humboldt University in Berlin.

2020.01.31 | Conference, History and archaeology

Call for papers: Connected Past 2020 - Artefactual Intelligence (24-25 September 2020)

Conference organised by Lieve Donnellan, Rubina Raja, Søren Sindbæk and Tom Brughmans.

Walk and talk in Rome. In the background, the Pyramid of Cestius near the Non-Catholic Cemetery (Photo: Mie E. Lind).
Paestum. After having met with the director of Paestum, Gabrielle Zuchtriegel, the UrbNet’s centre directors and administrators had the possibility to walk around the magnificent site. Seen here are the Temple of Neptune (left) and the Temple of Hera (right) (Photo: Mie E. Lind). 
Pompeii. Director of Pompeii Massimo Osanna kindly took the time to show UrbNet’s centre directors and administrators around the site (Photo: Mie E. Lind).

2020.01.30 | Meeting

UrbNet strategy meeting in Italy

A short summary of the work retreat from 19 to 25 January 2020.

Fig. 1. LEGO model of an archaeological excavation. Back half: middle part of Viking Age house. Front half: the remains of fireplace and posts as features in the sub-soil – the phantom of the past house (model and photo by Johan Sandvang Larsen).

2020.01.30 | Research news, History and archaeology

Feelings in science – how affect affects our choice of methods

Are scientists always objective when they choose their approach? PhD Student Johan S. Larsen briefly investigates whether, or rather how, the affect, or emotional connotations, of methods may influence how academic work is conducted.

2020.01.29 | History and archaeology

3 lies and 1 truth about the past | Vana Orfanou | TEDxAarhus

Video talk with former Postdoc Vana Orfanou at TEDxAarhus, 5 October 2019.

2020.01.29 | Publication, History and archaeology

The Production of Portraits in Roman Period Palmyra

New publication by former Assistant Professor Signe Krag.

2020.01.22 | Research news, History and archaeology, Nature and technology

Improving radiocarbon dating of lime mortar in a challenging setting

PhD Student Thomas Schrøder Daugbjerg tells more about absolute dating and exploration of urban evolution in Jerash

2020.01.14 | History and archaeology, Media coverage

Oldtidens Palmyra gemmer på vigtig viden om bæredygtighed

Arkæologer skal i nyt projekt undersøge Syriens antikke magt- og handelscentrums cirkulære økonomi og se på, hvordan det kan inspirere os til at løse fremtidens udfordringer.

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