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2021.04.20 | Publication

On diverse arts: crucible metallurgy and the polymetallic cycle at Scandinavia’s earliest Viking town, Ribe (8th–9th c. CE), Denmark

New publication by Vana Orfanou, Thomas Birch, Søren M. Sindbæk, Claus Feveile, Gry H. Barfod and Charles E. Lesher.

2021.04.19 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Study Reveals Vikings Mastered Metalworking in Less Than a Century

Over 1,000 years ago, Vikings took a massive leap forward in their metalworking abilities and created special alloys that were well ahead of their time.

2021.04.19 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Ny storslået publikation om Julius Cæsars eftermæle

En ny antologi om Julius Cæsar undersøger, hvordan Cæsar benyttede fortiden til at skabe den persona, som kom til at lede den romerske stat. Endvidere belyser bogen, hvordan Cæsar er blevet husket og fremstillet efter sin død. Bogen, der er første bind i ny bogserie om Rom, er udarbejdet og udgivet med støtte fra Carlsbergfondet.

Journal of Urban Archaeology 3

2021.04.19 | Publication, History and archaeology

Journal of Urban Archaeology 3 has been published

The third issue of JUA can now be found online, published Open Access. It is a special issue focused on two of UrbNet’s core conceptual agendas: network evolutions and high-definition narratives. Research areas, within which UrbNet is a world-leading research centre.

Excavations in Jerash, Jordan (The Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project).

2021.04.16 | Research, History and archaeology

UrbNet and Cambridge University Press collaborate on new book series

The new peer-reviewed book series Urban Archaeological Pasts presents new approaches and syntheses in the archaeology and ancient history of urban societies across the world. It is based on, among other things, the lecture series given by residential scholars at UrbNet.

From excavation to archive: Ingholt recording the excavation of the tomb of Malkû. Image © Palmyra Portrait Project and Ingholt Archive, courtesy of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

2021.04.16 | Course, History and archaeology

New Perspectives on Archive Archaeology - PhD Course

Summary by PhD Student Rhiannon Garth Jones.

View of the Nymphaeum on the main street in Gerasa (Jerash, Jordan). Photo: Rubina Raja.

2021.04.16 | Course, History and archaeology

Urban resilience in the ancient world – PhD course

Summary by PhD Student Rhiannon Garth Jones.

2021.04.15 | History and archaeology

Premiere of the documentary 'Les visages oubliés de Palmyre'

24 April 2021, the French documentary 'Les visages oubliés de Palmyre' will premiere on television. The film is about the oasis city of Palmyra and takes as one of its points of departure the research conducted in the Palmyra Portrait Project.

2021.04.12 | Publication

Managing the Middle Ground: Priests in Palmyra and their iconographies

New publication by Professor Rubina Raja.

2021.04.09 | Media coverage

Anden udgravningsfase på Cæsars Forum i Rom

I marts måned blev anden fase af de dansk-italienske udgravninger af Cæsars Forum i Rom indledt. Selvom udgravningen stadig er på et tidligt stadie, er der allerede gjort væsentlige fund, som kaster nyt lys over Alessandrino-kvarterets historie i 1900-tallet.

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