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2020.03.10 | Publication, History and archaeology

Towards a Cooperative Approach to Hobby Metal Detecting: The European Public Finds Recording Network (EPFRN) Vision Statement

New publication by Postdoc Pieterjan Deckers and colleagues.

2020.03.09 | Publication, History and archaeology

Review of: R. Raja & S. M. Sindbæk (eds), Urban Network Evolutions. Towards a High-Definition Archaeology (Aarhus: Aarhus Universty Press)

Review in Medieval Archaeology vol. 63.2 by Neil Christie (Universty of Leicester).

2020.03.06 | Publication, History and archaeology

Rome's Rise to Power. Geochemical Analysis of Silver Coinage from the Western Mediterranean (Fourth to Second Centuries BCE)

New publication by Assistant Professor Thomas Birch and colleagues.

2020.03.05 | History and archaeology

An Archaeologist talks – all roads lead to Rome: a visit in third grade

PhD Student Line Egelund visited third-graders at Viborg Private Realskole, introducing them to archaeology and its importance for understanding the past and present world. Her own PhD project and the Caesar’s Forum Project took centre stage in her presentation.

Fig. 1. Thomas Birch and Pieter-Jan Deckers rubbing lead samples from Ribe for lead isotope analysis (© Søren Sindbæk).
Fig. 2. A typical lead isotope plot – here, the lead contained in Late Roman leaded coins excavated from Jerash appears consistent with ores from Western Europe (read the results from the plot in the full article by Birch et al 2019 – for the full reference, see below).

2020.03.05 | Research news, History and archaeology, Nature and technology

Lead isotopes, society and urban networks

Why do archaeologists use analytical techniques borrowed from geologists and the earth sciences? Assistant Professor Thomas Birch highlights how lead isotopes underpin a concerted European research effort into provenancing silver and showcases how it has been essential for reconstructing metal networks in UrbNet’s flagship projects.

2020.03.04 | Publication, History and archaeology

The Umayyad Coins excavated during the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project 2012–2016

New publication by Independent Scholars Ingrid and Wolfgang Schulze (The Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project).

2020.03.02 | Research news, History and archaeology

Systematising the Study of Portraits

When excavating in Palmyra, Harald Ingholt made thorough records. These records are the basis of a large database compiled by the Palmyra Portrait Project since 2012. Research Assistant Julia Steding takes stock of the work done so far and the many possibilities generated by the database.

2020.02.28 | Publication, History and archaeology

A tale of three cities: Remarks on urban survival in the south-west Black Sea coast from Late Antiquity to the Middle Byzantine period

New publication by Assistant Professor Emanuele Intagliata.

Research Assistants Ditte Kvist Johnson and Nathalia Kristensen present the Palmyra Portrait Project (Photo: Nikoline Sauer). 
Assistant Professor Emanuele Intagliata presents UrbNet (Photo: Nikoline Sauer). 
PhD Student Nikoline Sauer presents her PhD project (Photo: Sine Grove Saxkjær).

2020.02.27 | History and archaeology

Faglig Dag 2020

Seminar summary by PhD Student Nikoline Sauer.

2020.02.27 | History and archaeology, Conference

Conference: Anomalocivitas, 28-29 May 2020

Conference programme now available.

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