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2019.12.12 | Media coverage, History and archaeology

Water Management in Ancient Cities Can Help Plan for Future Vulnerability

Water-management strategies in past societies tell us about urban resilience and vulnerabilities.

2019.12.10 | Publication, History and archaeology

Crafts and Social Networks in Viking Towns

New publication by Steven P. Ashby (The University of York) & Professor Søren M. Sindbæk.

2019.12.09 | Publication

The Chora of Gerasa/Jerash

New publication by Professor Achim Lichtenberger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Professor Rubina Raja.

Tom Brughmans.
Contextualisation of material culture flow and visibility networks in East-Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles). Sites are represented as white nodes and grouped per landmass (green circles). Grey nodes represent lithic sources and contemporary dates, and grey lines represent presence of lithic artefacts at sites. Figure created by Mereke van Garderen and Tom Brughmans.

2019.12.09 | History and archaeology, People

UrbNet fills first associate professorship

Dr. Tom Brughmans (University of Barcelona) will join UrbNet in February 2020.

2019.12.06 | Awards, History and archaeology

DNRF heads of center Rubina Raja and Carsten Rahbek receive the DM research prize 2019

For the 13th time, the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM) has awarded research prizes to two researchers, and this year’s recipients are both heads of a DNRF Center of Excellence. Professor Rubina Raja has received the award in the humanities and social sciences, and Professor Carsten Rahbek has received the award in the natural sciences.

2019.12.06 | Awards, History and archaeology

DG-centerlederne Rubina Raja og Carsten Rahbek modtager DM’s forskningspriser 2019

For 13. gang uddeler Dansk Magisterforening (DM) forskningspriser til to forskere, og i år tilfalder priserne to af Danmarks Grundforskningsfonds centerledere. Professor Rubina Raja modtager prisen indenfor humaniora og samfundsvidenskab, og professor Carsten Rahbek modtager prisen indenfor naturvidenskab.

2019.12.06 | Publication, History and archaeology

Det danske engagement i Den Arabiske Golf

Siden 1954 har Carlsbergfondet støttet danske arkæologers arbejde i Den Arabiske Golf. En af de helt centrale opdagelser i projektets tidlige år var fundet af den forhistoriske oldtidshovedstad Dilmun. Syvende artikel i Carlsbergfondets artikelserie om arkæologiske projekter er nu tilgængelig.

2019.12.06 | Research news, History and archaeology

Data collection as a tool to understanding Palmyrene family networks

Research Assistant Nathalia B. Kristensen highlights one of the research avenues taken by the Palmyra Portrait Project.

2019.12.06 | Publication, History and archaeology

Management of water resources over time in semiarid regions: The case of Gerasa/Jerash in Jordan

New publication by Professor Achim Lichtenberger (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) and Professor Rubina Raja about water-management strategies, urban resilience and vulnerabilities

2019.12.04 | Awards

Rubina Raja afdækker, hvad der får samfund til at forgå eller bestå

Article in Magisterbladet by Journalist Marianne Bom.

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