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2021.02.12 | History and archaeology

A new year, a new round and further research into urban networks

As of 1 February 2021, Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) entered its second round of funding from the Danish National Research Foundation.

2021.02.10 | History and archaeology

Genbrug og forbrug af ressourcer i Antikken

Article written by Research administrator Eva Mortensen as part of an exam in science communication. Experts on classical archaeology and geoscience tell about use and reuse of resources in Antiquity.

2021.02.09 | People , History and archaeology

Introduction of Rhiannon Garth Jones

New PhD student at UrbNet.

2021.02.03 | Calls, History and archaeology

Urban Societies in Past Worlds (5+3)

UrbNet invites application for three PhD fellowships.

2021.02.01 | History and archaeology

UrbNet Newsletter - February 2021

See UrbNet's latest newsletter here.

2021.02.01 | History and archaeology

Mummies with Painted Portraits from Roman Egypt and Personal Commemoration at the Tomb

Online lecture by Visiting Professor Christopher Hallett (UC Berkeley), given in December for the Institute of Fine Arts in New York.

2021.01.28 | History and archaeology, Lecture/talk

Lecture series: New research on the materials of ancient sculpture

Upcoming lecture series by UrbNet Visiting Professor Christopher Hallett (University of California, Berkeley).

2021.01.26 | History and archaeology, Publication

Trends in ceramic assemblages from the Northwest Quarter of Gerasa/ Jerash, Jordan

New publication by I. Romanowska, A. Lichtenberger and R. Raja.

2021.01.21 | Calls, Meeting, History and archaeology

Call for papers: EAA 2021 Session #281 - Resource Use and Recycling in Urban Ecologies

EAA session organised by Tom Fitton (University of York), Olympia Bobou (Aarhus University), Mik Lisowski (University of York), Rubina Raja (Aarhus University) and Stephanie Wynne-Jones (University of York).

Karia and the Dodekanese: Cultural Interrelations in the Southeast Aegean vol. II (Early Hellenistic to Early Byzantine), edited by B. Poulsen, P. Pedersen and J. Lund. Oxford: Oxbow.

2021.01.20 | History and archaeology, Publication

Tracing networks of the Hellenistic amphora market: a study based on Rhodian, Knidian and Koan transport amphoras

New publication by PhD student Nikoline Sauer.

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